The Christmas Redwood

Janice E. Kirk

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An inspirational Nativity Story for All Ages

One tiny seed, planted that first Christmas night…who could guess how mighty it would become? Come—hear the tale from a beloved grandfather. A redwood seed, planted by wind on the very night Jesus was born, becomes the most steadfast of all trees on earth. Just as the tree grows and thrives—an example of faith and endurance—we, too, can hold fast and be true as we wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled.

Includes fun facts and helps for parents & teachers.


A simple Christmas parable that encourages young readers to be steadfast in their faith.

This children’s book provides a new perspective on Christmas.

Some kids in the woods beg their grandfather to tell a story again, one they already know well. He begins his tale with an old redwood tree in the wilderness that shakes its limbs, allowing a seed to fall on the first Christmas night. With a repeated refrain of “Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God in the highest,” he recounts how the animals hear the news of the birth of the Lamb of God and spread the message far and wide. The creatures wonder if this Lamb of God will come to the woods. Meanwhile, the old tree continues to protect the seedling as it grows strong. The animals hear of the news that the Messiah is preaching, and they continue to pass the message along from creature to creature. The young tree decides to follow Jesus’ teachings by spreading its roots and helping the forest ecosystem. One day, a storm rages, and lightning strikes the young tree at the same time that the animals hear of the death of Jesus. The tree, though struck, remains steadfast in its faith and its duty to the woods. Grandfather encourages the children that they should do the same. Kirk punctuates her straightforward parable with illustrations that feature delicate black lines, providing gentle forest scenes that should appeal to young readers. The dialogue occasionally rhymes, though most of the story is written in unrhymed verse. There are useful resources at the end of the book that help connect the tale to Bible teachings. Though the parallels to the life of Jesus can seem a bit of a stretch, the sturdy redwood is an effective allegory for strong faith.

A simple Christmas parable that encourages young readers to be steadfast in their faith.

Kirkus Review
Our family read The Christmas Redwood, A Forest Parable while camping with our children and grandchildren at Trinidad, California. There under a redwood canopy, we were able to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the redwoods. Jan's story compares the mighty Redwood to Jesus. We found ourselves moved in a unique way. I look back upon that reading as a time to remember, a time of sharing among the generations.
Muriel Eades
Palo Cedro, CA
Janice E. Kirk's beautiful children's story, The Christmas Redwood, A Forest Parable, could well be a holiday classic-in-waiting. Lovely pen and ink illustrations, also by the author, lend a sense of whimsy to the text. Elegantly crafted overall, Kirk's prose and pictures are reminiscent of other tales revealing a timeless truth.
Cathy Elliott
Author of ten educational children's books & A Vase of Mistaken Identity, a cozy mystery
My Children's Literature class loved it: The Christmas Redwood, A Forest Parable is filled with delicate line drawings of a very special tree with almost magical qualities. Author and artist Janice Kirk shared her book and the story of its construction, inspiring the students with the simplicity and beauty of the small volume. Suitable for readers young and old, it will make a treasured addition to anyone's collection of Christmas books.
Alan Rose
Simpson University
There is no shortage of wonder in the world, only wonderment. In The Christmas Redwood, A Forest Parable, Janice Kirk helps us see the glories of God's creation with fresh eyes. A delightful and cherished gift for children of all ages!
Nancy Sleeth
Author of and Program Director of