Cherish the Earth

Janice E. Kirk and Donald R. Kirk,
Wipf & Stock, 2016.

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“Creation Care Starts with Prayer” Brochure

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Peter Illyn of Restoring Eden: “Cherish the Earth is the best book I know of for beginners in Creation Care.”
The most complete compilation of CREATION CARE SCRIPTURES you will find anywhere!
This is the book you have been waiting for!

Keep the conversation going with this read and discussion book. Is Earth Stewardship biblical? Yes! Climate crisis? Yes! What is the Christian response? Who will stand in the gap before the Lord? How then shall we live? Where do we start? One person can make a difference! Together we can help heal the earth! Easy to read – positive – inspirational
Let the earth be glad! (Ps 97:1)


During my sophomore year of college, Cherish the Earth guided and inspired our Bible Study at the Lutheran Campus Center of Winona. Cherish the Earth is full of beautiful illustrations and writing that describe the connectedness of all living creatures. One of my favorite quotes from the book was "Each insect, mammal, bird, or other living being is an integral part of the dynamic system" (Kirk 21). God created each of us and every living creature matters. This book reminds us that we belong to the Earth and to each other. This Bible Study also inspired us to visit San Francisco to learn more about the ways in which we can better care for the Earth.

Student leader
Lutheran Campus Center, Winona, MN

The students with whom I work at the Lutheran Campus Center in Winona care deeply for the earth and are seeking ways to steward God's creation. Cherish the Earth provided a guide to satiate some of this hunger for justice and ways forward for our campus ministry community. The descriptive, playful writing in the book is a gift to one's imagination, and the beautiful illustrations are a delight. Students at the Lutheran Campus Center learned of the connectedness of all living creatures, were able to delve into Scriptural references, use the study guide, and remember that we belong to the Earth and to one another. I highly recommend Cherish the Earth for anyone yearning for a better world, especially in environmental justice, rooted in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

Corinne Haulotte, Pastor
Lutheran Campus Center, Winona, MN

...a refreshingly balanced and Scriptural primer on the Christian's attitude toward God's Creation. [The authors] avoid pantheistic naturalism by reminding us that it is the Creator, not his creation, that is to be worshiped. The citations from Scripture and discussion questions concluding each chapter are excellent.

Christian Sociological Society Newsletter

...Positive and inspirational, this book is a needed resource for Christian leaders and study groups. It will be a welcome companion to every Christian nature love, camp leader, and earth steward across our threatened yet priceless globe.

No. Central Conference Bulletin
Mennonite Church

...A compelling book.
...A wonderful book for private or group study with questions for discussion at the end of the 15 chapters.
...Of great value are the numerous scripture references and admonitions throughout the book giving the unmistakable call to obedience for Christians to continue to take care of the land as God commanded Adam and Eve so long ago.

G.W. Librarian’s World
Evangelical Church Library Assoc.

A good resource for pastors, teachers, and retreat centers, this book is geared to the average Christian sitting in the pew. The theology is not difficult and the language not lofty. It is full of thankfulness, praise, and hope.

Presbyterians for Restoring Creation Update
Volume 5, Issue 4, 1999


Part 1. The Natural World

We describe the dynamic earth system, which is marvelous in function and awesome in scope. The research and study that unfolds daily has given us a broad view of the world as a whole and an appreciation of its magnificent design. Through this design, we can sense the hand of the Creator. This revelation gives us a common bond with the early Hebrews who, without benefit of modern scientific analysis, sensed and named the Being behind nature.

Part 2. Scripture Search

Is earth stewardship biblical? Yes. Scripture passages are gathered to show the importance of the natural world to God and to God’s people. The knowledge of the natural world, woven into the Bible in descriptive phrases, metaphors, and a myriad of spiritual truths, shows how our understanding of Christianity is inseparably linked to the environment. Through this imagery the natural world is confirmed as a means whereby humans can discover the Creator, as God works out divine purpose in the history of humankind.

Part 3. Earth Stewardship

We address present concerns for the natural environment and the unique role Christians play in earth stewardship. Because of the nature of Christianity, a way of life based on love, Christians offer a special outlook and care for the environment. The outreach of faith unquestionably includes a ministry to a suffering earth, a ministry of caring, joy, and praise.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9
Introduction 11
Part 1: The Natural World
1. The Creation Is Good 17
2. The Condition of the Creation Is Not Good 23
Part 2: Scripture Search
 3. The Natural World and God  31
 4. The Natural World and the Holy Spirit  46
 5. The Natural World and Jesus Christ  52
 6. The Natural World and Humankind  59
7. The Natural World and Obedience 66
8. The Natural World and Covenant 72
9. The Natural World and Justice 78
10. The Natural World and Redemption 89
11. The Natural World and Praise 99
12. The Natural World and Glory 108
Part 3: Earth Stewardship
13. The Earth Is Suffering 115
14. What Christians Have to Offer 130
15. Implementing a Ministry of Praise 137
Notes 172
Scripture Index 176
Subject Index 179
The Authors 182