Part 1. Small Wonders.

Stop, and consider God’s wonders. (Job 37:14) Is there a better way to commemorate Easter? Or for that matter, Earth Day? Springtime is all about new life, and that fits the after–Easter resurrection life of Christian believers, and the joy of celebrating Earth Day. We live in an amazing and wonderful world, and now is a good time to stop and consider God’s wonders, even small ones.

That happened to us one day as we rounded the corner near our California home and came to an abrupt stop because we had surprised a family of quail crossing the road. Talk about small wonders! Mama quail instantly speeded up, giving some sort of signal to her offspring. Little balls of fluff fanned out behind her and another female, and with comical forward–tilt and legs a–blur, they made a mad dash across the street. Papa quail, ever protective and authoritative, lost his dignity and scrambled after them. We laughed and wondered if they were the family that had hatched under our pistache tree that late June.

Our Chinese pistache is a favorite tree. Drought tolerant, which is a plus for the northern California climate, they give wonderful shade in summer, and in the fall turn brilliant colors of orange, red, pink, yellow, and gold. The fruit is attractive red–twigged clusters of small blue berries that each carry one seed.

Previously I had found three little trees had sprouted under the big pistache in the north yard. I dug them up and after growing for a couple years in large pots, we planted one along the tree line of the driveway. To prevent deer from rubbing new antlers on the soft bark, we put a protective roll of fencing around the tree trunks. When the pistache was about 15 feet tall, Don went out one spring day to cut the wires…to be continued. 


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