Living More Simply

If you are trying to live more simply and have run aground, take a look at Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth (Tyndale: 2012). The Amish approach to daily life is basic: de-clutter your home, tame technology, rein in finances, reduce time commitments and benefit from nature’s gifts of gardening and renewal. I love the way Sleeth gives workable examples gleaned from the Amish way. Simple living frees up time for relationships with people and God and strengthens family life. The holistic lifestyle offers opportunities for service and outreach to others. We may not all wish to join an Amish community, but their core principles will help us regain balance and integrity in daily routines. That contributes to wise use and renewal of the natural resources. Sustainability is the goal. We can be part of the growing crowd that hopes to leave a fully functioning and beautiful earth for future generations. Thanks, Nancy.


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